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  • Dear Sir,
    MSEDCL has taken a planned downtime during 05.03.12 to 07.03.12.
    The activity is in process of completion.
    It is therefore requested to Start up the MSEDCL Samepage Application at the earliest.
    Please co-ordinate with MSEDCL Datacenter , 022 26595061.
    Ajay Khodke
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  • Posted by SamePage Support on Mar 10, 2012 12:10 AM
  • Re: MSEDCL Samepage Application Startup
  • Hi,

    Please follow below instruction to restart the SamePage

    CHECK IN BROWSER if samepage is already started

    check if samepage process is running

    ps -ef | grep samepage


    if samepage is started you should see the process running


    cd /msedcl_sp/samepage/tomcat/bin


    before starting please ensure that the user logged in "samepage" use 'who am i' to verify this




    nohup run& ( or you can use and


    will start the samepage


    use tail -f nohup.out  to view the output of server console

    SamePage Support Team